Data Solutions

At TIBIL, we understand the immense potential data holds for business and we endeavour to help enterprises harness its potential powerfully and securely. Our data engineering and analytics services focus on helping you achieve larger business goals through reliable, robust, intelligent management of data.

Analytics platforms have transformed from supporting IT and finance functions to enabling business users across the enterprise. Enabled by digitization of business processes and customer interactions as well as reduced cost of storage, today, different teams and users across the enterprise can access powerful data for informed decision-making.

We offer data validation, data operations, data engineering and feature engineering services to integrate, verify, prepare and transform data into formats that can be accessed by analytical models and tools. We drive data analytics – data analytics platform, big data analytics solution, predictive analytics and customer analytics – using new generation data science and analytics tools, ML/AI and industry-grade statistical models to deliver advanced, real-time analytics.

We leverage our iDEA framework and data analytics platform to:

Data Engineering: Integrate and organize large volumes and diverse formats of data from disparate sources

Feature Engineering: Transform the prepared data into derived variables

Big Data Analytics: Analyze the data and build models for data analytics solutions

Data Science and Analytics: Derive insights to help business architect key decisions

Data Operations

Audit data for veracity, completeness and validating sources

Data Engineering

Integrate, clean, organize and prepare data

Feature Engineering

Transform the prepared data into derived variables

Data Analytics

Analyze data to generate reports and dashboards

Data Science

Build models and algorithms for analytical solutions

Data Maturity Assesment

Transform the prepared data into derived variables

Business Value of Our Data Solutions

Reliable, consistent and accurate data

Single source of truth – purged and verified data

Real-time access of data with zero latency

Transformed data that is relevant for statistical and machine learning models

Business Value of Our Data Solutions

Improved customer service

Better predictability of revenues & profitability

Enhanced employee productivity

Better, sharper insights for product and business teams that translates into:

Business agility – faster time-to-market

Real-time decision making

Improved business forecasting

Personalization of products and services