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Data Engineering, Data Analytics and AI Solution Provider

Is data one of your key assets to gain a competitive edge? Are you looking to establish a data-driven culture to drive better customer insights, foster better customer engagement, improve operational efficiency and deliver stronger business outcomes?...

Tibil Solutions is a data engineering, advanced data analytics and data science solutions provider. We can help you convert data into insights for informed decisions using our iDEA framework and data solutions.

We integrate huge volumes of data from disparate sources; validate, clean and prepare the diverse formats of data; transform the prepared data into derived variables; and apply statistical, analytical, AI and ML models to the transformed data to derive insights.

What Our Clients Say

“Tibil supports Ascend as an extended analytics team. I strongly recommend Tibil for their partnership and expertise. “

VP, Risk

“TIBIL has been a quality partner for IBM, especially to the Watson Customer Engagement B2B team.”

– Program Director, B2B Service

“Tibil team has some of the best talents. I often wonder how everyone from TIBIL has similar skills, knowledge and expertise.”

– Info & Analysis Manager

Our Clients