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Data Operations

Improving Data Efficacy and Data Reliability

Managing data is not your core business but it is critical for innovation and making your business grow. Any company that strives to be on the cutting-edge needs datasets to be readily available. We realize that for most of our customer’s data is critical for the analysis needed to make accurate predictions to ensure business growth. DataOps (data operations) refers to a practice that brings speed and agility to an end-to-end pipeline process, from collection to delivery. Improved data management leads to a better quality of available data, which results in better analysis. That single source of truth translates into better insights, business strategies and higher profitability.

Common Data Management Platform Challenges

Multiple disparate data sources with no single source of truth

Hidden costs of data growth – also the data is not easily scalable

Buried and messy data that’s not easily available for analysis

Large amount of incorrect or missing data

Inaccessibility of data – the data is on multiple systems that are not accessible

Duplication of effort in data creation and extraction

Tibil’s Data Operations Solution

Rapid Time-to-value


Scale & Performance

Managed Evolution

Dynamic Data Platform

Data Privacy & Security

Business Data Operations, we have expertise in Data Engineering solution to help you prepare and normalize data and build data lakes, Feature Engineering solution to help transform the prepared data into derived variables and formats to data analytics algorithms and models, Data Analytics solution to analyze data using statistical models to generate dashboards and reports, Data Science solution to build advanced analytical solutions based on ML algorithms and AI models, and Data Maturity Assessment to help you baseline your current data posture.


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