Customer Analytics in Other Industries

Customer Data Analytics for a Predictive Marketing Analytics Firm

Hitting the sweet spot of sales productivity – intelligent targeting, engaging, and acquiring
How does a leader in Predictive Marketing Analytics for B2B Marketers redefine what it means to be sharp at marketing in present-day world? They do it by simply becoming sharper themselves in data science and analytics!

Their mission: Make B2B marketing as personalized as B2C marketing. Their need of the hour: A data analytics platform to help enterprises better understand their target audiences, and an execution platform to engage those audiences in meaningful ways.

Their choice for creating the business intelligence & analytics backbone: TIBIL. Our value addition to them: Data aggregation from all sources for a 360-degree view of customers and prospects; segment audiences to identify the most attractive targets, and activate conversations across all channels to drive personalized campaigns and programs. Data engineering and analytics services to the fore!

Data Solutions for a Logistics Company

Automation, mobility and data analytics for operational efficiency

When your mission is to be the industry leader in logistics, and plan to get there through the digital transformation of your operations, you require a data science and analytics solutions partner who can bring business acumen, process knowledge, technology expertise and most importantly the ability to see your big picture.

When you want strong business results out of your technology investments, you need a data analytics solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, enhances your operations, and delivers intelligent automation.

When you want to make your operations easy, smart and efficient, you need digital enablement that is simple, agile and feature-rich.

This is the story of how a leading Logistics solutions provider achieved operational efficiency with TIBIL’s data solutions.

Data Analytics Platform for a Real Estate Company

For a REAL impact on sales efficiency and customer engagement with data engineering

When a forward-thinking real estate company wanted to better engage and serve their customers, they imagined a pathbreaking scenario where potential buyers of properties can find the right properties that match their lifestyle interests enabled by data science and analytics.

The idea needed to be put into practice through a global SaaS platform that helps real estate agents better engage with their customers and peers, and position properties to customers based on a transparent, objective, and data-driven approach. To the end customer – the buyers of properties, it is a deal that goes beyond expectations.

The big data analytics solutions provider, who rose to the challenge of making this a reality – TIBIL Solutions.

Future of data analytics is beckoning. Is your data ready?