Industry Solutions

Each industry has its own challenges with respect to balancing business acquisition, personalization, customer delight, operational excellence, forecasting, supply chain and financial modelling. These challenges are similar and unique at the same time. One size does not fit all if one were to embark on designing solutions to address these challenges. However, one fact remains constant across industries. Data is at the core of all the solutions. Businesses across industries or even in the same industry grapple with the insurmountable data that has to be dissected to arrive at solutions that matter for the business. Any digital initiative that businesses plan to undertake across industries, be it Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning, 3D printing, etc., needs to have one important function at the core. That’s Data Analytics.

At TIBIL, we inherently understand the immense potential of data for businesses. We also realize through experience that each industry has its unique challenges and business imperatives. We juxtapose these two very important factors to build data solutions catered specifically for each industry’s needs. We leverage our data engineering and data analytics expertise in conjunction with the industry expertise and experience of our leadership team to build intelligent solutions for our customers across industries. Our industry solutions focus on helping you achieve larger business goals through reliable, robust, intelligent management of data.

We build industry solutions that require data preparation, cleansing, normalization, consolidation, integration, validation, analytics and visualization. We solutions built on top of data lakes that are customized to address the imperatives of each industry. The outcomes or output of our industry solutions can be leveraged for digital initiatives or for informed decisions.






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