Retail Data Analytics for a Leading European Retailer

Driving high growth by transforming ‘big data’ into ‘big advantage’

When the world’s leading online luxury fashion retailer decides to seize the opportunities of a booming market, what does it do? It plans to offer style-conscious customers around the world an unparalleled personalised online retail experience.

Who does it trust as its data solutions partner to make it happen? TIBIL Solutions.

What do you need to create an incredibly powerful data analytics platform that simplifies the use of commercial cards for the entire payment ecosystem?

And what does TIBIL offer? Enable the client to cruise ahead on a cognitive journey with real-time personalization to spur top-line growth, and deliver optimization of order delivery process to sustain operational efficiency. All with the help of data engineering, data science and analytics.

Retail analytics for a Global Hypermarket Chain

Transforming wide reach into strong connect with data analytics

What happens when one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world decides to reimagine the customer experience with rewards, promotions and campaigns through the year? They face the prospect of a massive technology transformation involving extensive, complex data engineering to drive retail data analytics.

Whom do they trust to deliver retail analytics that entails exceptional insight into the Retail industry along with unmatched experience in the art and science of leveraging big data analytics for efficiency, engagement and smart growth?

They chose TIBIL Solutions. And we, at TIBIL, delivered one of our largest, sophisticated data engineering and data analytics solutions that simply made our client rock with their customer experience management.

Future of data analytics is beckoning. Is your data ready?