Data Analytics Solution for an Industry Body for Cable Companies

Data analytics to the fore. Sense from sensors. Value out of volume.

As Energy & Utilities companies move from traditional networks to smart grid-enabled energy systems, there is a great opportunity for the cable industry to leverage data analytics solutions to measure the performance of their products and create better strategies.

The challenge is to make sense out of huge volumes of data – through a robust data engineering framework topped with a strong big data analytics model.

The trusted technology partner to make it happen – TIBIL Solutions.

Data Analytics Platform for a Manufacturing Company

Advanced Manufacturing Analytics for a Smart Supply Chain

An agile business is one that serves the ever-changing needs of customers and markets, even when they are an industry leader, by leveraging manufacturing analytics solutions.

When one of the world’s largest manufacturers of construction and mining equipment embarked on a journey to better leverage data science and analytics to make their supply-chain system intelligent and agile, they chose TIBIL to make it happen for them.

The solution by TIBIL – an enhanced data engineering and data analytics platform for better demand forecasting, supplier performance monitoring, and production optimization.

Data Analytics Platform for a Logistics Company

Advanced Analytics that enables logistics procurement personnel in forecasting the number of trucks to be contracted

Oil manufacturing companies (OMCs) use tanker trucks for delivering
oil from terminal to retail outlet.

OMCs tender for tanker trucks once in three years. In the tender published OMCs mention the number of tanker trucks required and benchmark freight rate, estimated based on should-cost model to estimate transporter cost incurred.

Future of data analytics is beckoning. Is your data ready?