data analytics in bfsi

Quality Prediction of Copper Matte using Machine Learning

How machine learning model is used to predict the trend of copper matte

Overcoming the difficulties encountered in forecasting the trend of Copper Matte from the raw copper ore

data analytics in bfsi

Data Analytics Solution for an Industry Body for Cable Companies

Data analytics to the fore. Sense from sensors. Value out of volume.

Leverage data analytics solutions to measure the performance of products & create better strategies.


Data Analytics Platform for a Manufacturing Company

Advanced Manufacturing Analytics for a Smart Supply Chain

Manufacturers leveraged data science & analytics to make their supply-chain systems intelligent and agile.

data analytics in logistics

Data Solutions for a Logistics Company

Automation, mobility, and data analytics for operational efficiency

This is the story of how a leading Logistics solutions provider achieved operational efficiency with TIBIL’s data solutions.

Supply chain Case study

Data analytics platform to transform multiple areas of supply-chain management

A tool for the world’s largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment

Predictability, Performance, and Optimization through data-driven decision-making

Future of data analytics is beckoning. Is your data ready?